Mission and Business Activities

Each person aims to make his home beautiful and comfortable, because in such home he can find emotional comfort for himself and his family. And a cozy office, tuning the staff for fruitful work, can become his second home.

We deal with everyone who wants to furnish his home and create a cozy atmosphere in it, who needs materials for construction and repair. It is for such customers we build our stores, in which the one can find almost all construction products, a wide selection of tools, a rich collection of flooring materials, exquisite sanitary ware, first-class lighting fixtures. Besides that our well-designed expositions help to find own design solutions for interior.

Baucenter cooperates with those who are dealing with construction works. No matter how big the construction project is, our Company is able to provide it with all required materials, accurately and timely.

We don't just go with the times, using modern techniques and materials, but also try to be ahead of time. The one can always find the latest developments of European and Russian manufacturers at us. Our suppliers are those, who produce modern, trendy and high-tech goods.

Our store staff is first of all advisers for our customers. The company continuously takes care of training of its employees.

Our customer can always count on attention and affability from the store staff, and most importantly on their care to solve customer's problem. We are able to achieve this with the help of climate of trust, which exists in our company since its creation and which is consistently supported by the employees.

BAUCENTER – Company since 1994.

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